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We're not a company.

We're a Team.


FLYUP Fitness is run by Team Kruithof.  A family of four (so far, we'd like MORE!).  We are normal people that had a fitness idea that grew into a business.   



Title:  chief persister

Role:  team captain, be persistent, act first and think second, pray a lot

Likes:  katie, laughing, real talk, vintage sweatshirts

Dislikes:  slow internet



Title:  beautify-er

Role:  tell chief persister when his ideas are stupid, bring beauty to all things, creative genius

Likes:  fun drinks, snuggling

Dislikes:  making the bed


Title:  heir to FLYUP empire

Role:  aid in assembly, count anything, lead team workouts, attend external meetings, win over hearts

Likes:  letters, numbers, singing

Dislikes:  waking up


Title:  chief disrupter

Role:  provide comic relief to rest of team, enforce mandatory break time, smile often

Likes:  food

Dislikes:  waiting for food

This is our story

The FLYUP story begins with family because my family is the reason I quit my job as an accountant to launch a fitness startup in the first place. My wife and kids are the best gift God has given me on this Earth. My family is where I receive my greatest joy, where I have freedom to experiment as a father, where I put others first and actually like it, where I walk out my faith, where I learn the most, and where I receive the most love and support.


Long before my family began, I was a puny, little guy that reached puberty long after what would be considered “normal.”   And, you know that scene, that classic scene in any good teen makeover movie, where the geek emerges with a hair cut, contact lenses, and designer digs.  The music builds, as the scene cuts to slow motion, and everyone turns to look with jaws dropped.  That’s the feeling I got when I began working out.  I really liked how it made me feel.  Not in an unhealthy or obsessive way.  I simply knew I was doing something good for my body.  Something that a small fraction of the world actually has the discipline to do.  I’m free to admit that I like myself better when I exercise.  It isn’t my identity or my worth, just a preference and sense of hard work.

I exercised all through college when I had plenty of free time.  Then the real world hit and I had a full-time job, social commitments, and a beautiful new wife that I wanted to be with all the time.  With kids on the horizon, I knew it wouldn’t get any easier to find time to go to the gym.  Plus, what I really desired was to be active WITH my family, not to be active AWAY from my family.  So, I came up with the idea for the FLYUP.  I wanted to create something that would give me a great workout at home, but it must also be fun and versatile so that my wife and kids can be active with me.  As a father, I want to set a healthy culture at home.  1 Timothy 4:8 is a great verse that I use to teach my young kids that growing our muscles is good, but growing our heart is better.


The FLYUP uses body weight resistance to do a variety of exercises to work the entire body by sliding on the ground.  Think sliding around the floor sounds easy?  Give it a try and you’ll be sore in places you didn’t know existed in a matter of minutes.  The FLYUP is both fun and effective.  It is a great tool to add to your workout, and allows you to workout on your schedule at your convenience.  Take a healthy step today and become a FLYUP Family member.


Brent Kruithof