q:  What surfaces does the FLYUP work on?

a:  The FLYUP is designed to work on most rugs, carpets, astroturf, and other softer surfaces.  If you want to use your FLYUP on harder floors such as wood, laminate, or tile, you should also purchase a Felt Hard Core Cover.

q:  Why are the FLYUPs different colors?

a:  We're often asked about the difference between the FLYUP colors.  It's a simple answer, there is no difference.  Same FLYUP, different colors.

q:  That looks too hard.  Can I do that?

a:  Many people are intimidated when they see the FLYUP videos and exercises.  The most common feedback by people who haven't tried the FLYUP is, "I'd fall flat on my face if I tried that."  First of all, the FLYUP is carefully designed to be slick, without being too slick and sliding out from under you (like you're on ice).  Secondly, after countless demonstrations with hundreds of people, we have found that the exercises can be modified for people of all ages and fitness levels.  Yes, you can use the FLYUP.

q:  How is the FLYUP any different than using paper plates, furniture movers, or towels?

a:  We get this question, but we think it is kind of like asking, "how is using a dumbbell any different than curling a gallon of milk?"  The FLYUP is more durable, slides better, allows for more exercises, and is safer.  The FLYUP is ergonomically designed to prevent stress or injury to your joints.  The comfort grip handles provide you with a more natural movement than you get by putting your palms flat on alternatives, giving you a safer working and better results.

q:  How will I know what exercises to do?

a:  Start by viewing our exercise chart to see many of the exercises that you can do with the FLYUP.  Also, check out our YouTube channel where we have posted dozens of videos of exercise tutorials, workout routines, and more.  Also, one of the best ways to learn how to use your FLYUP is to just play around with it and see what works for you.  We are confident when you get down on the floor and start using it, you will be out of breath, your heart will be pounding, and you will be sore the next day, because IT WORKS!

q:  Do you sell a mat to go with the FLYUP?

a:  No.  We don't think that a mat is necessary.  The FLYUP works on most surfaces that you have in your home or anywhere else you would workout.  If you usually workout on concrete or rubber floors, you can buy a cheap carpet square at a home improvement store, or even get a scrap piece at your local carpeting store.

q:  Does the FLYUP come with a workout DVD?

a:  No.  We want to make the FLYUP as affordable as possible, so we put all our video content on YouTube and other social media instead of producing DVDs.  You can still view workouts and exercises anywhere you have a mobile device, and we save you money!

q:  Do I have to purchase two FLYUPs to get a pair?

a:  No.  Come on, how cheap would we be if we didn't sell the FLYUP as a pair?  The FLYUP is designed to be used as a set, so we sell them as a pair.  If you do purchase two FLYUPs you can do more advanced movements by using the FLYUP on your hands and feet at the same time!

q:  Do you ship Internationally?

a:  Yes.  Oui.  Ja.  Si.  Uh huh.