Body-weight resistance exercises are proven to be one of the best ways to burn fat and tone muscle. Functional fitness training is trending due to its effectiveness in working multiple muscles at once to provide higher calorie burn and increase strength. 


The FLYUP does a variety of exercises to work the entire body, and many of the exercises can be modified to increase or decrease the difficulty level. 

FLYUP works on carpet, rugs, astroturf, and other soft surfaces. Use with the felt Hard Core Covers and the FLYUPs work on wood, tile, and other hard surfaces.


We think working out should be fun for everyone. Find something you enjoy doing and it will become a habit. The FLYUP is an effective way to get in a fun workout.


The FLYUP collapses into travel mode so that you can work out at home, in the gym, in a hotel room or wherever you go.  The FLYUP weighs 3 pounds and measures just 14x6x3 for convenient storage.