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What is the FLYUP?

The FLYUP is a portable piece of fitness equipment that delivers an awesome workout that can be done at home or away.  The FLYUP™ can do limitless exercises to work the entire body for people of all ages and fitness levels.




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FLYUP Fitness is as minimalist as you can get when it comes to home fitness. Despite the barebones approach, though, you can get every bit as much of a workout as you would at the gym.
This is a beautifully simple, yet functional and versatile piece of equipment that we have put to great use. Our members have loved it, and our trainer has been incorporating it into the programs of his clients.
— Cathy, gym owner
I love how the FLYUP is like having a total home gym at the cost of one month’s gym membership.
The best piece of portable kit on the market. I recently took mine on a two-week holiday. When exercise is a non-negotiable, you need to have something to turn to when away from home.
— Charlie, personal trainer
The FLYUP incorporates into dozens of traditional body weight exercises, as well as stars in many of its own, both to enhance workouts and make it easier to get a complete ass kicking in small spaces or outside the gym.
Such an awesome product. I use them everyday, even when I’m on my lunch breaks, haha. Everyone in my family loves them so much.
— Collin, customer

A FLYUP for everyone

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