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My First Exercise Book is a beautiful and fun photography board book designed to motivate parents to be active with their young kids. The photos in this book all include children and adults exercising together with short explanations and tips on how to perform each exercise. The result is a perfect way for parents and kids to get up and actually try out the exercises in the book.


the authorS

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Fitness guru and entrepreneur, Brent Kruithof, loves to exercise with his kids.  His family workout videos have over 50 millions views and are often featured on media outlets around the world.  Brent and his wife Katie’s passion for family togetherness inspired them to create a fun and colorful children’s book which not only promotes strong bodies but strong families too.


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Includes 19 foundational exercises, including push-ups, squats, lunges, and jumping jacks

Intended Audience: Fun for all ages but specifically designed for children 1 to 7 years old

Book length: 38 pages

Book size: 7.5” by 5.5”


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My First Exercise Book:

- Introduces healthy habits at a young age

- Fights childhood obesity by teaching kids how to exercise

- Inspires a lifelong desire to be active

- Gives parents a tool to train by example

- Encourages parents to spend quality time with their kids and be more involved in their lives


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My First Exercise Book includes only exercises that use body weight resistance, which is the safest way for kids to workout. This book includes the foundational exercises that have been included in physical education classes for decades because they are not only safe for kids, but they are vital for the proper health and develop of young people.


the video that started it all

In 2016, Brent was doing regular family workouts in his living room with his two kids. His wife, Katie, decided to record some of the workouts and put a low quality video out on social media. Two weeks later, it had nearly 24 million views! Brent started getting calls from international news and media companies for interviews and TV appearances. As the months went by, they received countless emails and comments from families who said they were inspired by the family workouts. The most popular comment they got was “this is going to be my family when I have kids!” This feedback encouraged them to create a fun and colorful children’s book which shows just how simple it is to be active with your kids.