The FLYUPs work on carpet, rugs, astroturf, and other soft surfaces. Use with the felt Hard Core Covers and the FLYUPs work on wood, tile, and other hard surfaces.

  • Removable Handles - The FLYUP uses ergonomic handles to slide in any direction creating dozens of additional movements, and is much safer on your joints. By removing the handles, the FLYUP can be used on your hands or feet, and it easily collapses into travel mode for easy storage and transportation. 
  • Durable - The FLYUP is made in the USA of high quality resins to resist wear and support regular active use.
  • Weight - 3 pounds
  • Dimensions - 14x6x3

The FLYUP combines the push-up stand, the ab wheel, the glider, and more into this simple fitness product. Workouts, exercises tutorials, exercise charts, and other videos are available through the FLYUP website. It's a total home gym at the cost of one month's gym membership.

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