The Original FLYUP Deluxe

The Original FLYUP Deluxe


Get the FLYUP and Hard Core Covers together and save!

The FLYUP is brilliant in its simplicity. It's breakthrough sliding design glides across the ground in a variety of movements to work the entire body. The FLYUP handles are detachable so that the slide pads can be used on your hands, feet, or knees. The removable handles also allow the FLYUP to collapse into travel mode for easy transportation.

The FLYUP uses body weight resistance to do about 100 functional training exercises. All movements engage multiple muscles at once with a emphasis on the core to tighten and tone your stomach while burning calories and strengthen muscles. The portability of the FLYUP allows you to take it to the gym, on vacation, or at home to get in a workout on your schedule. Life is busy, but consistency is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. The FLYUP will help you stay consistent by giving you the ability to workout wherever and whenever you can.

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